Generate and document comprehensive test scripts quickly

Turn your test conditions into understandable test execution steps in hardly any time

Instantly transform sets of conditions like these…

… into complete test scripts like these

With Hexawise, you can easily create complete test scripts with automatically-generated:

Sentences Numbered steps Customizable Headings

“Click” up your pencils and start writing

Including instructions requires you to click an icon and start typing. Tough, right?

Include pre-test instructions

Testing configurable environments? No problem, just include initial state instructions like “Set all features to default” or “Turn on computer.” You control the tests before the tests control you.

Include high priority scenarios

To ensure certain combinations are included in your tests, add Requirements to your test plan. Select which parameter values need to be tested together and Hexawise will ensure that they are included

Add expected results

With a couple minutes of additional practice, you can even add expected results based on what conditions are paired together in any Hexawise-generated test case.

Add final test instructions

Just like adding conditions to start the tests, ensure the proper procedures are followed after all the test scripts have been run.

It's life changing.

Given how easy and fast Hexawise makes test case selection and comprehensive test script documentation, it’s no wonder testers tell us they’ll never go back to documenting their tests one-at-a-time.