Hexawise Certification

Get certified as a Hexawise Test Design Professional.

The Hexawise Test Design Professional Certification validates specialized expertise in designing thorough and efficient sets of software tests using proven, modern strategies.

This training and certification program provides in-depth practical training in 11 self-paced training modules covering basic Hexawise test optimization concepts through advanced usage of the most critical Hexawise features.

Students completing this training and certification program will possess a solid knowledge of software test design methods and be able to:

  • Design sets of unusually thorough and efficient software tests
  • Distinguish between shallow, wasteful test sets and optimized sets of tests
  • Generate sets of tests that systematically eliminate wasteful repetition
  • Clearly describe and report coverage achieved by test sets
  • Leverage intelligent augmentation in the test design process
  • Export skeletal automated test scripts that will require less coding to complete

And they will also earn the distinction of becoming a certified Hexawise Test Design Professional.

Chapters Included in Certification Program
  1. Introduction to Hexawise
  2. What is Test Design and Why Does it Matter?
  3. Fundamental Test Design Concepts
  4. Designing Your Test Inputs
  5. Generating Your Tests
  6. Adding Constraints
  7. Adding Required Scenarios
  8. Analyzing Coverage Achieved
  9. Preparing Your Test Model for Export
  10. Exporting Your Final Set of Tests
  11. Hexawise Automate
Participant Feedback

These are results from over 3,000 certification course participants. 94% rated the certification course better or much better than average.

More than 99% of participants said that Hexawise would help their current projects. The following benefits were the most commonly cited:

What People are Saying
Yash Palwe
Experienced QA

"Completion of Hexawise Test Design Professional Certification has given me specialized expertise in designing thorough and efficient sets of software tests using proven, modern strategies."

María Teresa Cadena Mejía

"Happy to get certified on Hexawise tool. Completion of the Hexawise Professional Test Design Certification has given me specialized experience in software testing using new strategies."

Business Analyst

"As Business Analysts, we need to understand the functionality the system is supposed to deliver and as such, have the knowledge needed to validate the system. For that purpose, BAs also need to understand in how many ways the system can fail or brainstorm possible scenarios that users are likely to be involved in and use these as a basis for developing test cases. The "Hexawise Test Design Professional" certification helps us master test design and more importantly validate test scenarios faster."


Single Student: $749*

10 Students: $5,999*

Contact sales@hexawise.com to purchase access to the Hexawise Certification Program.

*This cost does not include access to the Hexawise tool.