Everything you need to quickly create powerful, optimized software tests.

Optimized Test Generation
Create and document tests much faster. With ease.

Create and document tests much faster

Rapidly create unusually powerful software tests with our famously easy-to-use tool.

Generate complete test scripts

Most test generation tools only spit out combinations of optimized test conditions. With Hexawise, we generate complete sets of detailed test scripts.

Then export the tests into your tool of choice.

Regular sets of test sets have more coverage gaps than teams realize.

Teams that carefully analyze the actual coverage achieved by their exising tests usually discover far more potentially serious coverage gaps than they anticipated.

Maximize your testing thoroughness

Use Hexawise to generate optimized tests that efficiently eliminate gaps in testing coverage.

Every test condition in every test you generate with Hexawise is optimized for maximum coverage. This allows you achieve greater coverage with fewer tests.

Many teams use Hexawise to cut their regression test suites in half, for example.

Eliminate wasteful redundancy

Hexawise generates test sets with scientifically minimized amounts of wasteful repetition.

Hexawise's powerful coverage optimization algorithms allow teams to achieve more with less. More coverage. Fewer tests.

Flexible & powerful
Communicate clearly. Collaborate. Control coverage. Customize.

Solicit feedback effectively

What's in scope for your testing project? What's out? What test inputs will vary? Communicate your testing ideas clearly and concisely with mind maps.

You stakeholders will love you for it... and they'll give you better feedback.

Understand your testing coverage

Tired of guessing “how much testing is enough?”

Use fact-based testing coverage reports.

Adjust test suites in minutes

Hexawise has a built-in “coverage / thoroughness dial” that generates new sets of tests on demand. Take full advantage of however much time you have available for test execution.

Testing a mission-critical system? Turn the dial up to generate a larger set of extraordinarily thorough tests. Suddenly find yourself in a time crunch? Turn the dial down to generate a set of fewer optimized tests.

Let us spoil you with customizations

We try to do everything we can to help our clients succeed.

We will customize Hexawise for you so it integrates smoothly into your company’s tools and workflows.

Unmatched support
Hexawise is far more than just a great tool. You also get unmatched human-powered support.

“Software AND a Service”

Hexawise is a “human-powered solution” as much as it is a great tool. The extra services we provide make all the difference.

Our test design experts and trainers help improve test design skills and capabilities across entire companies.

World-class test design training

Helping testers at our clients learn new test design skills is a key to our success. We take training seriously.

Our experienced, well-respected test design experts will tailor highly-interactive training sessions to your firm's specific needs.

Expert test design support - on demand!

Have a question when you’re in the middle of trying to create tests?

Get live support instantly from our test design experts.

Extensive online test design training too

Unlock your inner test designer with training modules and test design achievements. Learn new test design skills that you can use to make your whole team more productive.

Go with the global leader in software test design.

More than 100 Fortune 500 firms

Hexawise is the world’s leading software test design tool.

More than 100 Fortune 500 firms and 1000’s of smaller firms trust Hexawise for their test design.

Our largest client now has more than 7,000 testers and BAs designing tests with Hexawise.


Learn how some of our clients succeeded with Hexawise

Applicable to almost all testing projects

If your software testing project has software tests, you can use Hexawise to create your tests faster and make them more thorough.

Loved by testers

Our company's steady growth is due to word of mouth recommendations by testers and managers who love using Hexawise.