Hexawise Recent Updates Feed

April 16, 2014


Unsaved requirements dialog

Was newly empty except for a spinner in some cases. No longer.



Login page when the browser window is small

There were graphical glitches if the browser window was sized very small.


April 5, 2014


Issue saving edited requirements in some test plans

Thanks to Melissa for letting us know about the issue.


April 3, 2014


UI glitch in sample plan modals

The bottom of the explanatory modal dialog was cut off leaving no white space. White space is back.



Bulk Add partial success and duplicates

When using the bulk add feature with some parameters that had greater than 8 values, a partial update would be applied before the handy warning dialog. Canceling the add would leave you with some (the small) parameters bulk added, and bypassing the warning would leave you with some parameters added in duplicate.

This is a classic pair-wise defect. To trigger it requires you to have params with > 8 values that occur after your smaller params in the plan, and to perform your adds using bulk add rather than single add.

This demonstrates that pairwise designed tests are only as good as the variability that’s been identified. This is probably the most heavily tested part of Hexawise, with a strong battery of tests that have been automated, but the order of the large parameters compared to the small ones was never identified as a variation.


March 28, 2014


Excel line breaks specific to the version of Excel you’re using

There is now a setting in the export dialog to pick your specific version of Microsoft Excel for Excel and HP QC exports so that any line breaks you have in your expected results or auto-scripts will be respected by Excel.

Thanks to Robin and Yue for nearly concurrent prompting in the forums asking for this feature.



Sharing dialog is easier and pleasier

Continuing the theme from last week, we revisited the sharing dialog itself and spruced up the UI to be more pleasing to the eye and changed the wording to be easier to understand.



Errors in requirements page

Our automated error reporting alerted us to some uncommon but recurring errors being experienced in the requirements page and these were addressed.


March 26, 2014


Warning dialogs in Firefox

Some users of up to date version of the Firefox browser have experienced warning dialogs for the last couple weeks. These are resolved.

Thanks to John for alerting us to this issue.



Improved wording in the Start/Finish prompts in Auto-Scripts

Words more good. Me happy.


March 19, 2014


Easier plan sharing

Sharing plans in Hexawise has always been project based, and while that’s not changing, we did make it much easier to share your plans. There is now a share link in the UI that takes you directly to the project sharing options, or if you’re in a private plan, gives you the option to make a project for the plan.


March 16, 2014


Issues completing certain achievements

A couple of the achievements on the path to Hexawise Guru were not ticking off properly. Thanks to Ed for pointing this out in the forums.



Auto-Script expected results are included in the CSV export



Issue with the wrong strength being displayed in some cases in the auto-script test preview strength picker


March 15, 2014


Brand New Website

Hexawise.com is sporting a brand new website. Check out the new look!


February 26, 2014


Rename parameters without breaking your requirements, value pairs and auto-scripts

You can now update a parameter name (change only the parameter name in the single parameter update, not using bulk update) and it will update the parameter reference in any requirements, value pairs and auto-scripts, rather than warning you and then deleting them.


February 11, 2014


Performance opening plans with lots of value pairs

Improved the performance rendering plans with lots of value pairs.



Cached calculated results mis-labeled after bulk edit

After making a bulk edit with the only change being the order of the parameters, cached generated test cases would be displayed with the wrong parameter headers.

Thanks to Mary for reporting the bug.



Hexawise ROI Calculator

A return on investment calculator is now available at http://app.hexawise.com/hexawise-roi.


January 31, 2014


UI glitch in project permissions dialog in Internet Explorer

The project permissions dialog had some weird behavior when mousing around it in Internet Explorer. Classic pair-wise defect.

Thanks to Ravinder for the bug report.



Preview higher and mixed strength tests in Auto-Scripts

There is now a drop down list in the header of the Auto-Scripts preview test selection panel that allows you to use tests other than 2-way to preview your Auto-Scripts.



Parameters temporarily out of order after bulk edit in some cases

In some cases after doing a bulk edit the parameters would be shown out of order until the browser was refreshed.

This was a classic regression after performance improvements were made to bulk editing. Parameter order wasn’t checked in the test cases.


January 28, 2014


Password update checklist

When updating your password, there is now a checklist of password requirements to be fulfilled.


January 25, 2014


Bulk edit performance

Doing a bulk parameter edit on a very large plan is now about 10x faster.



Password requirement checklist

When creating initial password at registration, there is now a checklist of password requirements to be fulfilled.