Hexawise Recent Updates Feed

July 22, 2015


Your Test Plans dialog regression

Opening the dialog twice in a row without doing anything but closing the dialog the first time resulted in the dialog never opening completely the 2nd time.


July 17, 2015


Clarity when leaving a shared project

When leaving a shared project, the call to action is now “Leave” rather than “Remove” to make it more clear the project will still be available for the other team members. Thank you, Regina for bringing this improvement opportunity to our attention.



Explain this link in analyze tests

Now goes directly to the explanation, rather than to an empty interstitial dialog.



Garbled output when trying to leave project as only admin member

The message explaining why this isn’t possible until you anoint another project member as admin is no longer garbled.



Immediate window close when clicking the share link for comment and copy only project users



Feedback immediately after sharing

When sharing a project with an existing Hexawise user the feedback on the sharing count is now immediate rather than delayed until a browser refresh.


July 2, 2015


Left panel removed from Requirements, Create Tests, Auto-Scripts and Analyze Tests

The left panel items are only in Define Inputs now to provide additional screen room to focus on the task at hand.



Missing content in latest versions of Chrome

An issue with the most recent versions of Chrome could leave content invisible on the Requirements or Analyze Tests page until the window was resized or the screen refreshed. This problem has been worked around.



Analysis image buttons are more attractive on hover



Cancel requirements addition is now more dynamic

The new cancel link when adding new requirements is only shown once a new requirement addition is started.



Plan rename bug

There was a fairly obscure error if you deleted a plan and then renamed a plan to the deleted plan’s name while keeping the same manage plan dialog window open, you’d get a spurious denial about renaming to an existing plan’s name.

This was a pairwise defect triggered through a specific set of sequential behavior.



Project re-invite confirmation

If multiple users had pending invitations to a project and you re-invited one of them that wasn’t the first one, the re-invite confirmation message would appear on the wrong user. This is now resolved.



Moving a plan from one project to another project that’s currently empty of plans

This would not work. A classic pairwise defect, it worked fine if the project had a plan already. Now it works.

Thanks to Jeff for reporting the issue.


June 24, 2015


Edit requirements regression



Coverage matrix size limitation

The maximum plan size for generating a coverage matrix was lowered from 100 parameter values in the test plan to 75 due to performance limitations of IE and Firefox JavaScript engines with the current state of optimization in the coverage matrix code.


June 23, 2015


Software infrastructure updates

Numerous pieces of software infrastructure were updated which should result in some minor performance improvements.


June 22, 2015


Review key concepts for quizzes that have been passed successfully

You can now go back and review the key concepts of quizzes you passed.



Suggested use and tips for requirements

The requirements UI now provides some helpful usage tips.



Confusing UI with Guru level

The UI on the Guru level no longer has highlighting or an expansion chevron. This makes it more clear that Guru is the final level and not something that has further achievements to reveal.



Cancel requirement addition

To make it easier to reset the new requirement and start fresh with your addition there is now a cancel link when adding requirements.


June 18, 2015


Duplicate columns in Excel export

Fixed a very rare case where an exported plan could have duplicated columns. This was a pairwise defect related to the current state of the data in the database and the system configuration.


June 8, 2015


Plan import help dialog

The wording and formatting was improved to be more clear.



Bulk Add

The “Bulk Add” feature was functionally redundant with the “Bulk Edit” feature and so has been removed to reduce code and UI complexity.



Re-ordering top and bottom most parameters

Using the up arrow on the topmost parameter or the down arrow on the bottommost parameter didn’t “wrap” the parameter as you would intuit. Now it does.


June 5, 2015


Parameter mis-edited when canceling on Bulk Edit parameter length warning dialog

This is a 2 or 3-way defect (depending on how you model the problem) when using bulk edit to make a parameter newly over 8 values, then canceling after receiving the parameter length warning.