Hexawise Recent Updates Feed

May 26, 2015


“Hide for this plan” link on the large plan warning closed the plan and opened the manage plan dialog

This has been resolved.


May 25, 2015


Switching between single and bulk parameter add preserves data entered thus far



“Any value” test case parameter value text changed to “Any valid value”

This change emphasizes that you still need to chose a value that satisfies the plan’s constraints.


May 17, 2015


The expected result field of a requirement can now contain significantly more text


May 6, 2015


Improved read-only styling on empty requirements view

Fixed styling when a plan is shared in a project, has no requirements, and you have “Copy and Comment” access to the project (Note the combinatorial cause).

This is the first work done by our new development intern Scott. Congratulations!



Excel values are stripped of leading and trailing white space on plan import

This should avoid many hard to spot value mismatches.



Plan import errors not shown on plan re-import

Comprehensive error messages are shown when a plan fails to import due to internal consistency issues when creating a new plan but were not shown when re-importing a plan (classic 2-way defect). Now they are shown in both cases.


April 25, 2015


Expected results and range values

Auto-script expected results were triggered by a numeric range value even when out of the range.


March 18, 2015


Mixed-strength tests always shown as an option for the Coverage Graph and Plan Scorecard

Thanks to Vikas for pointing out the omission.



More detailed error messages on plan import

When importing a plan that has an invalid format or invalid data, Hexawise will now provide additional info on the name of the Excel tab that has the invalid data.


March 13, 2015


Requirements value drop down selection in IE9

Selecting a drop down value with the mouse rather than the keyboard was broken in some cases in the IE 9 browser. A relatively rare 3-way defect found in production for those keeping track.

Thanks to Vikas for finding and reporting the issue!



Couldn’t select Plan Scorecard or Matrix Chart after picking a new strength for the Coverage Chart

This “order of operations” defect is now fixed.



Issue in plan import

A rare case during plan import caused invalid pair validation to fail and abort the import. This has been fixed.


March 9, 2015


Live Test Design Support

We’re using a new system for live test design support for customers that pay for live support. The new system has a “memory” of your discussions so you can refer back to them and more seamlessly blends live and asynchronous discussions. We’re excited about the improvements!


March 4, 2015


Graphical glitches when showing Hexawise system messages

On some screen sizes and resolutions. Also addressed overly wide dialog.



Hexawise Network Test

Go to /network-test on Hexawise (type it into the URL bar of your browser) to perform a quick network test to see if your corporate network is blocking any important types of network requests to Hexawise.



Occasional issues displaying Hexawise blog posts in the web page footer



Error generating tests in some cases where a requirement has no name


March 3, 2015


Password complexity prompting not always shown when resetting your password



Error screen shown after successfully sharing a project in some cases


February 22, 2015


Your Plans dialog

There is a new “Your Plans” dialog with important new capabilities:

  • Quick access to recently modified plans and projects
  • Search for plans by name
  • Sort plans by project, modified date or # of parameters

Let us know if you have any trouble with the new dialog, and enjoy!


February 20, 2015


Auto-Script Expected Result editing issue

As Expected Result value could return to original setting during editing subsequent expected result values in some cases.

Special thanks to Mohanned for reporting the problem.



Import of an Export with special characters in Auto-Script Expected Results

There were issues round tripping plans through export and import with special characters (such as < & > “ etc.) used in Auto-Script Expected Results.

A very classic pair-wise defect of specific set of user actions paired with unusual data. Neither caused an issue without the other.



Greater than 8 values warning during bulk parameter add/edit

Only the first parameter to newly exceed 8 parameter values would get mentioned in the warning. Now it mentions all parameters that newly exceed 8 parameter values during a bulk add or edit.



Requirements not properly updated after bulk edit parameter removal

Removing a parameter that is used in a requirement with bulk edit could result in the parameter not being removed from the requirement in some cases (after continuing through the warning dialog).