Hexawise Recent Updates Feed

June 24, 2015


Edit requirements regression



Coverage matrix size limitation

The maximum plan size for generating a coverage matrix was lowered from 100 parameter values in the test plan to 75 due to performance limitations of IE and Firefox JavaScript engines with the current state of optimization in the coverage matrix code.


June 23, 2015


Software infrastructure updates

Numerous pieces of software infrastructure were updated which should result in some minor performance improvements.


June 22, 2015


Review key concepts for quizzes that have been passed successfully

You can now go back and review the key concepts of quizzes you passed.



Suggested use and tips for requirements

The requirements UI now provides some helpful usage tips.



Confusing UI with Guru level

The UI on the Guru level no longer has highlighting or an expansion chevron. This makes it more clear that Guru is the final level and not something that has further achievements to reveal.



Cancel requirement addition

To make it easier to reset the new requirement and start fresh with your addition there is now a cancel link when adding requirements.


June 18, 2015


Duplicate columns in Excel export

Fixed a very rare case where an exported plan could have duplicated columns. This was a pairwise defect related to the current state of the data in the database and the system configuration.


June 8, 2015


Plan import help dialog

The wording and formatting was improved to be more clear.



Bulk Add

The “Bulk Add” feature was functionally redundant with the “Bulk Edit” feature and so has been removed to reduce code and UI complexity.



Re-ordering top and bottom most parameters

Using the up arrow on the topmost parameter or the down arrow on the bottommost parameter didn’t “wrap” the parameter as you would intuit. Now it does.


June 5, 2015


Parameter mis-edited when canceling on Bulk Edit parameter length warning dialog

This is a 2 or 3-way defect (depending on how you model the problem) when using bulk edit to make a parameter newly over 8 values, then canceling after receiving the parameter length warning.



June 2, 2015


Error when changing only parameter name case in Bulk Edit

Thanks to Khurram for reporting the issue.



Parameter name insertion on auto-script start/finish fields

Thanks to Vishal for pointing out the inconsistency.



Table misalignment on IE 9

In very rare cases the generated tests table could have a row with misaligned columns due to this bug in IE 9. A work around is now in place.



Plan Scorecard warning for extremely small test plans

If you have 4 or fewer parameters there is now a warning in the Plan Scorecard.


June 1, 2015


Handling blank values in bulk parameter edit

A blank parameter value in comma separated parameter values during a bulk edit would error out the edit with a vague error message.

Blank values are now ignored in bulk edits.

Thanks to Zach who pointed out how vague the error message was.


May 26, 2015


“Hide for this plan” link on the large plan warning closed the plan and opened the manage plan dialog

This has been resolved.


May 25, 2015


Switching between single and bulk parameter add preserves data entered thus far



“Any value” test case parameter value text changed to “Any valid value”

This change emphasizes that you still need to chose a value that satisfies the plan’s constraints.


May 17, 2015


The expected result field of a requirement can now contain significantly more text


May 6, 2015


Improved read-only styling on empty requirements view

Fixed styling when a plan is shared in a project, has no requirements, and you have “Copy and Comment” access to the project (Note the combinatorial cause).

This is the first work done by our new development intern Scott. Congratulations!



Excel values are stripped of leading and trailing white space on plan import

This should avoid many hard to spot value mismatches.



Plan import errors not shown on plan re-import

Comprehensive error messages are shown when a plan fails to import due to internal consistency issues when creating a new plan but were not shown when re-importing a plan (classic 2-way defect). Now they are shown in both cases.


April 25, 2015


Expected results and range values

Auto-script expected results were triggered by a numeric range value even when out of the range.