Hexawise Recent Updates Feed

April 25, 2015


Expected results and range values

Auto-script expected results were triggered by a numeric range value even when out of the range.


March 18, 2015


Mixed-strength tests always shown as an option for the Coverage Graph and Plan Scorecard

Thanks to Vikas for pointing out the omission.



More detailed error messages on plan import

When importing a plan that has an invalid format or invalid data, Hexawise will now provide additional info on the name of the Excel tab that has the invalid data.


March 13, 2015


Requirements value drop down selection in IE9

Selecting a drop down value with the mouse rather than the keyboard was broken in some cases in the IE 9 browser. A relatively rare 3-way defect found in production for those keeping track.

Thanks to Vikas for finding and reporting the issue!



Couldn’t select Plan Scorecard or Matrix Chart after picking a new strength for the Coverage Chart

This “order of operations” defect is now fixed.



Issue in plan import

A rare case during plan import caused invalid pair validation to fail and abort the import. This has been fixed.


March 9, 2015


Live Test Design Support

We’re using a new system for live test design support for customers that pay for live support. The new system has a “memory” of your discussions so you can refer back to them and more seamlessly blends live and asynchronous discussions. We’re excited about the improvements!


March 4, 2015


Graphical glitches when showing Hexawise system messages

On some screen sizes and resolutions. Also addressed overly wide dialog.



Hexawise Network Test

Go to /network-test on Hexawise (type it into the URL bar of your browser) to perform a quick network test to see if your corporate network is blocking any important types of network requests to Hexawise.



Occasional issues displaying Hexawise blog posts in the web page footer



Error generating tests in some cases where a requirement has no name


March 3, 2015


Password complexity prompting not always shown when resetting your password



Error screen shown after successfully sharing a project in some cases


February 22, 2015


Your Plans dialog

There is a new “Your Plans” dialog with important new capabilities:

  • Quick access to recently modified plans and projects
  • Search for plans by name
  • Sort plans by project, modified date or # of parameters

Let us know if you have any trouble with the new dialog, and enjoy!


February 20, 2015


Auto-Script Expected Result editing issue

As Expected Result value could return to original setting during editing subsequent expected result values in some cases.

Special thanks to Mohanned for reporting the problem.



Import of an Export with special characters in Auto-Script Expected Results

There were issues round tripping plans through export and import with special characters (such as < & > “ etc.) used in Auto-Script Expected Results.

A very classic pair-wise defect of specific set of user actions paired with unusual data. Neither caused an issue without the other.



Greater than 8 values warning during bulk parameter add/edit

Only the first parameter to newly exceed 8 parameter values would get mentioned in the warning. Now it mentions all parameters that newly exceed 8 parameter values during a bulk add or edit.



Requirements not properly updated after bulk edit parameter removal

Removing a parameter that is used in a requirement with bulk edit could result in the parameter not being removed from the requirement in some cases (after continuing through the warning dialog).


February 16, 2015


Parameter values with special characters can appear borked in Auto-Script step Expected Results in Chrome

Parameter values w/ special XML/HTML characters (such as < & > “ etc.) weren’t getting escaped properly in recent versions of Chrome and so they’d be stored on the server as encoded values. This is resolved now.

Be aware that it could come up that existing plans that were edited in Chrome before this change may require manual cleanup. (Edit or remove the Auto-Script step’s Expected Result, then save it again).

Note, this is a relatively rare 3-way defect discovered in production, you have to have XML/HTML special characters in your parameter value, you have to use the value in an Auto-Script step’s Expected Result, and you have to be adding the Expected Result in a recent version of the Chrome browser.

Special thanks to Mohanned for reporting the problem.


February 3, 2015


Internet Explorer 8 support

Internet Explorer 8 (released in March of 2009) is no longer supported in Hexawise.

As of this date:

We recommend the latest version of Firefox or Chrome (which are on rapid release cycles) for best performance and compatibility.

We support Internet Explorer 9, 10 and 11. If you are using Internet Explorer, make sure you aren’t in compatibility mode.

We support Safari 7+ (Mac).


January 24, 2015


Interactive pairwise coverage matrix chart

In the test plan analysis page there is now an option to see an interactive matrix chart of pairwise coverage.

The new matrix chart visualizes the pairwise coverage in a set of 2-way tests after any given number of test cases. When the matrix chart appears, it automatically animates from no tests, to all the test, and then back down to the test that achieves at least 80% pairwise coverage. You can the explore the ramifications of any amount of coverage by moving the test case slider back and forth with your mouse.

Red cells in the matrix occur where a pair of values has not yet been tested together in a test case. Green cells in the matrix occur where the pair of values has been included in at least one test case. Black cells in the matrix appear where two parameter values cannot be paired together due to the value pairs constraints in the test plan.

We’re excited to hear what you think about the new matrix charting, as always, feedback and suggestions are greatly encouraged!

Once the developers get their 3D holographic monitors, we’ll start working on the matrix chart for 3-way tests, and as soon as multidimensional aliens arrive on the scene, we’ll start working on 4, 5 and 6-way matrix charting.


January 23, 2015


Greater than 8 values warning during bulk parameter add/edit

If a parameter newly exceeded 8 parameter values after a bulk add or edit, the usual warning message wasn’t displayed.



We now provide field value hints on the new user account registration form


January 3, 2015


1-way support in mixed-strength tests

You can now set one or more parameters as 1-way in multi-strength tests. 1-way causes Hexawise not to pair the parameter values of the 1-way parameter with every other parameter value of every other parameter. You will have at least one test with every value of 1-way parameters, but you are not guaranteed to achieve pair-wise coverage of 1-way parameters.

You can often reduce your total number of tests by using mixed-strength and setting 1-way on a parameter with a large number of values that you are certain is not going to interact with any other parameters to cause a defect. If the parameter you’re marking as 1-way does not have the most or second most number of parameter values in your plan, then you’re not likely to actually save any tests by selecting 1-way coverage. Be certain to compare the number of tests you generate with and without marking parameters as 1-way to ensure you are getting meaningful savings for the coverage tradeoff.



1-way test generation for Expert and Guru level

If you have achieved Expert or Guru level (what’s the hold up? Get cracking!) you can generate 1-way tests. 1-way tests merely ensure that every parameter value is tested once and don’t achieve pairwise coverage. You will have as many 1-way tests as the number of parameter values in the largest parameter in your plan.

1-way tests are useful in rare circumstances for doing quick smoke tests on systems under test. Please use 1-way tests thoughtfully and with caution. These are not pairwise tests.