Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

September 18, 2018
Warn user when *{[Parameter] Parameter value}* selections are directly contradictory in the same Scenario or Scenario Outline in Hexawise Automate
Spooky data table collapse at a distance in Hexawise Automate

When you have more than 1 scenario outline, and you collapse one and work on the other, and then you add a var < to the other so that it renders the example table, it un-collapsed the one that you weren't working on. No longer does.

Collapse of expanded data-table during Hexawise Automate script save

This could be disorienting. It no longer does this.

Issue deleting selected scenario with backspace key in Hexawise Automate
Inconsistent behavior when typing double enter (depends on speed of user) in Hexawise Automate
September 11, 2018
Hexawise Automate getting started guide

Available here

August 27, 2018
Export mind map images

Like the McRib sandwich, it's back!

Unlike the McRib, downloadable mind map images are greatly improved from before with support for plans that are larger than 25 parameters, and the option to download a bitmap (PNG) or vector-based (SVG) file.

Generate Gherkin Scenarios for every test case

In addition to the Gherkin Examples data-table driven Scenario Outline sections, Hexawise Automate will now generate a Scenario outline for every test case in the exported feature file whenever any step in the Scenario references the test cases with either the parameter syntax:

<Parameter name>

or the parameter value syntax:

{[Parameter name]Parameter value}
Include requirements expected outcomes in your Hexawise Automate test scripts

The syntax is:

<Expected Outcome>

Anywhere in your test script steps.

Panel header bar scrolls away when scrolling Hexawise Automate test scripts
Delete all option for clearing all existing constraints
August 22, 2018
Issue with resizable text area in notes dialog

Fixed by no longer being resizable.

Regression when exporting Excel file with special characters

Certain special characters such as < and & would result in corrupted Excel export files in some cases.

July 20, 2018
Click "Save Anyway" from the parameter size warning dialog and you get 2 progress spinners
July 10, 2018
Issues editing plans from the mind map
June 26, 2018
Regression in copying plans

Pairwise regression when plan is copied and selection is to not choose or create a project for the copy, the copy didn't complete.

June 22, 2018
Specific editing the name of parameter value involved in a uni/bi-directional married pair could cause issues

This pairwise defect only occurred when editing the parameter value's name directly by clicking on it on the Constraints screen. Editing the parameter values or bulk editing all the parameters didn't trigger the issue.

June 19, 2018
Manage plans dialog regression

Bolding of the current plan's name in the Your Test Plans dialog was missing, and the redirect out of the plan when deleting the currently active plan was also broken.

Option to bring back Hexawise Automate usage tips if you hid them
June 13, 2018
Parameter value replacement in auto-scripts expected results

For a situation in your auto-scripts like the following:

Step 2: Select Audit Schedule Type as {Audit Schedule Type}

Expected result: When Audit Schedule Type is Premium Reports Then Additional fields are not hidden and user should fill them as follows: Payment Plan Code should be {Payment Plan Code} select “{Schedule Basis}” from the Schedule Basis dropdown

Without the ability to include a parameter replacement such as {Schedule Basis} and {Payment Plan Code} in the expected result, creating the desired auto-script was not as easy and straight forward as it should be.

June 11, 2018
Added font icons to network test page

An 8th test to make sure browser settings are ready for effective use of Hexawise.

Regression in "Your Plans" dialog

Error in specific cases when opening the "Your Plans" dialog without a plan already open.

June 5, 2018
User support forums

Most of our user support has moved to Test Design Expert chat so we discontinued the support forums due to lack of use.

May 30, 2018
Update minimum browser version support

New minimum browser versions are:

  • IE 10
  • Safari 11
  • Edge 40
  • Firefox 50
  • Chrome 50
May 29, 2018
Visual design of export dialog

In addition to the improved visuals, Hexawise's export capabilities received all new plumbing under the covers to better support customer specific custom export options, and to set the stage for additional export formats that are being worked on.