Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

December 20, 2018
Hexawise Automate: Expected Outcome from requirement in Scenario

Adding in your Automate Scenario Outline will include any expected outcome from requirements. This only worked for Scenario Outlines, and did not work for Scenarios. It now does.

Better information is provided when exceeding 200 parameters in a test plan
December 18, 2018
Sample parameters for an empty test plan

Hexawise now provides an option to create a sample of some parameters and parameter values in an empty test plan.

Exporting out-of-date Automate script

Unless you visit the Automate script view, you may not have an up-to-date script that matches your most recent test plan changes available to export. Hexawise used to allow you to export the out-of-date Automate script, but this is rarely what you want to do. Instead now Hexawise prevents an out-of-date script from being exported.

December 12, 2018
"Stickier" Automate

If your test plan only has Automate test scripts, and no manual testing auto-scripts, then Automate will be active by default when you navigate to the Auto-scripts tab.

Define new parameters and parameter values during requirements definition

This is an exciting productivity enhancer! When defining required scenarios, you'll often find that the scenario contains a testing idea, either a parameter or a parameter value, that your test plan does not yet account for. Before, this would mean breaking your flow of inputting required scenarios and opening the inputs tab to define a new parameter or parameter value. Now you can make these additions directly in the requirements UI.

December 8, 2018
Defect when adding a large number of parameters via bulk edit
December 6, 2018
"Smarter", more flexible requirements importing

The requirements import used to assume the first 3 columns in the import file were the designated name, description and expected outcome columns. It now looks at the column headers.

December 5, 2018
Blank screen when exporting stale test cases

An unusual scenario involving two browser tabs editing the same test plan could result in a blank Hexawise UI after attempting to export. Not any more.

December 4, 2018
Parameter names and values that happen to match Excel formula interpreted as formula by Excel in Hexawise outputs

These are now escaped appropriately so Excel doesn't see the cells as formulas.

Thanks to Vikramjeet for reporting the issue.

December 3, 2018
Reset button in bulk edit now disabled when it has no effect
November 29, 2018
Delete all constraints

Fixed a regression where the delete all constraints action actually deleted nothing.

“Tired, tired with nothing, tired with everything, tired with the world’s weight he had never chosen to bear.” ― F. Scott Fitzgerald

November 28, 2018
Hexawise flags a test plan when you allow it to temporarily contain the conditions for a "no possible value"

Hexawise now ensures your parameter inputs and constraint logic are always working well together through the use of the generated implied value pairs (constraints). This keeps you from having any "no possible value" scenarios in your generated test cases.

There are however certain bulk modifications you can make to your test plan in bulk edit where Hexawise knows you are going to end up with "no possible value" scenarios, but we don't want to simply prohibit those changes when you want to make them. Instead now, with this new addition, Hexawise will present a warning, and if the warning isn't heeded the test plan will contain a banner indicating it's in a state where some of the values in the generated test cases will contain "no possible value". Once the inputs and constraints are brought back in sync to be logically consistent (Hexawise still helps with this where it can) the banner will clear out on its own.

November 26, 2018
Graphical glitch with very large parameter names and values in the requirements UI
Married pair order follows click order

When we moved to the new graphical married pair creation dialog we stopped using the order in which parameter values were clicked to layout the dialog. We got feedback that even though the constraint can be expressed regardless of the order, it's less confusing if the click order is used for the layout. We now use click order in the dialog again.

November 21, 2018
Issue reverting a plan to an old version or creating a copy from an old version in some cases

The internal revision format was recently modified and this caused a regression in specific cases when reverting or copying old revisions.

Requirement template for Excel

It's been possible to import requirements into Hexawise from Excel for some time, but it came with some substantial limitations. Only the name, description and expected results fields could be imported, not the forced inputs field.

There is now a requirements import template for Excel, customized for each specific test plan, that you can use to import requirements from Excel, including the forced inputs for each requirement. To get the template, just click on the import link in the requirements UI.

November 15, 2018
Remove the possibility of double action in bulk update saving

Clicking multiple times too quickly would cause the operation to be attempted more than once.

November 12, 2018
Parameter name and value truncation in the constraints UI

When parameter names and values have to be truncated in the constraints UI, there was no hover action to see the full value, like there is in the Inputs UI. Now both have the full value on hover.

November 9, 2018
Issue requesting 1-way tests

For certain test plans aspects of the test plan prevented the 1-way test cases option (an Expert user feature) from working properly.

Irony alert: there was a pairwise (2-way) defect in selecting the option to generate 1-way (non-pairwise) test cases.

Thank you to Barby for reporting the defect.

Plan export dialog on very narrow screens
November 7, 2018
Broken link in auto-scripts help panel
Last modified time in plans dialog not always updated for all changes
Incorrect link for key concepts of the "Create an auto-script" achievement
November 6, 2018
More room for implied value pair list

Now uses the complete panel height available.