Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

May 26, 2020
Email top level domain validation

Updated the validation of top level domains in email addresses during new user registration to account for recent new top level domains.

May 14, 2020
Overly agressive auto-completion on tab in the new parameter dialog

When defining a new parameter in the new parameter dialog, it wasn't possible to use tab to move to the parameter value list without triggering an auto-complete of re-using an existing parameter. This made the dialog more cumbersome to use than it needed to be, necessitating use of the mouse. This is resolved.

May 12, 2020
Mindmap SVG export now can be easily opened in a browser

The option to export a Mind Map as an SVG was limited to behaving correctly in SVG viewers/editors that relied solely on the .svg file extension, and not on a correctly formed svg XML root tag with the 3 standard XML namespaces. Recently browsers have started to use the strict svg root tag to decide whether to show the SVG rendered as an image, or to show it as XML data only.

Hexawise now exports a correct svg root tag so the SVG export will open and display as an image in common web browsers.

May 11, 2020
Performance and UI feedback when matrix chart is calculating for very large test plans

Moving the slider on the matrix chart on extremely large and heavily constrained test plans was not performant enough, and did not provide sufficient feedback that calculations were in progress. Both of these issues have been addressed with fewer interstitial calculations being performed, memoization of prior calculated results, and UI feedback while results are being calculated.

Export / Share links not appearing in some edge cases

Relatively unusual sequences of plan modification (sequence of behavior is an oft overlooked source of pairwise variation) would result in either or both of the "Export" and "Share" links not appearing in their normal spot in the top right of the central UI panel until the user navigated away or refreshed the page.

Improved performance when generating implied value pairs (constraints) - Part 2

Users were having to wait too long for the implied pair generation logic to be performed when working with very large test plans that were heavily constrained. We made two changes to dramatically improve the performance in many of these cases. The second of these changes involved breaking the large logic resolution problem into smaller, simpler, independent problems were possible, and is now complete.

May 6, 2020
Improved performance when generating implied value pairs (constraints) - Part 1

Users were having to wait too long for the implied pair generation logic to be performed when working with very large test plans that were heavily constrained. We're making two changes to dramatically improve the performance in many of these cases. The first change is complete.

May 4, 2020
Regression affecting the copy from a share URL function
April 28, 2020
Regression affecting "save caverage data as..." dropdown on the matrix chart
March 30, 2020
Zoom and pan in the coverage matrix chart

You can now zoom in and out of the coverage matrix chart using your mouse's scroll wheel or trackpad's scroll gesture.

Zoom out to get the big picture.

Zoom out

Or zoom in to get specific details.

Zoom in

When you are zoomed in, click and hold your mouse button, then move your mouse to pan around the matrix chart.

Color blindness support in the coverage matrix chart

We've changed the default colors used in the coverage matrix chart, specifically to a more blue'ish color of green that is easier for people with red/green color blindness to differentiate.

There is also now a color toggle. Simply press the letter c on your keyboard to cycle through 3 available color themes if the default them is difficult for you to differentiate.

Second color option

Third color option

Pairing information upon hover in the coverage matrix chart

Now when hovering over cells in the coverage matrix chart with your mouse, you'll see a popup showing the two interactions, and in which test case they were first paired, or when they will be first paired.

Hover on the coverage matrix

March 25, 2020
Parameter name dropdown click

Clicking the dropdown arrow on the parameter name field to toggle on/off the auto-complete suggestions removed the previously typed text. It no longer does.

March 24, 2020
Automate: Not mentioning duplicate test case removal in all circumstances

When an automate Scenario or Scenario Outline was removing test cases that are duplicative for the set of parameters and/or parameter values selected in the Scenario or Scenario Outline, the tooltips about how many test cases are being applied did not always mention the duplicate removal.

March 23, 2020
Network test UI

Some usability improvements for the non-AJAX network tests.

March 11, 2020
Ctl/Cmd + F (find in browser) should locate truncated parameter and parameter value names

Hexawise's truncation of parameter and parameter value names was preventing the browser's local search in page functionality from finding parameter and parameter value names by their full, untruncated name. This now works as expected.

Column size change when hovering over long parameter names

Column width in the Define Inputs UI is now always consistent.

Value name truncation in MS Edge browser

A pairwise defect with the MS Edge browser caused long value names not to be truncated in the Define Inputs UI.

Value expansion tooltip

Normally there is a tooltip for the value expansion icon in the Define Inputs UI that quickly shows you what the value expansions are without needing to click and open the dialog.

This tooltip would not appear for the value expansion after you edit the value expansion until you navigate away from Define Inputs and come back. This is now fixed.

March 9, 2020
Parameter names and parameter value names with angle brackets in explanatory dialog

Parameter names and parameter value names written like <this> or <that> were rendered incorrectly in the explanatory modal for "2-way interactions means...".

February 28, 2020
Hexawise Automate: De-duplicate example data table and generated scenarios

If a Scenario or Scenario Outline includes a (small) subset of the plan's parameters, then it often results in some completely duplicate example data table rows or generated scenarios since the subset of the test case scenario included likely won't be unique (even though each generated test case is unique).

Hexawise Automate now eliminates these duplicates. You can see this most clearly by including <Test Number> and <Test Case> in your Scenario or Scenario Outline. The former will always be sequential, while the latter will skip both generated test cases that don't apply (that don't include selected parameter values) as well as test cases that would be duplicates based on the included parameters.

Drawing glitch in coverage matrix chart

With larger test plans some columns in the matrix chart would lose their column divider.

Large improvement in coverage matrix slider and animation performance

Photo by Tim Carey on Unsplash

February 26, 2020
Entering password into Hexawise login session timeout dialog to reestablish session

This wasn't working and brought you to the full login page. It's now working.

Constraint dialog order reverses after error

If you attempted to create an married pair constraint that violates existing constraints, an error dialog explaining the issue is shown. Upon returning from the dialog back to the married pair constraint creation dialog, the order of the parameters could reverse from the order in which you clicked them. This has been resolved.