Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

March 9, 2011
Project and plan sorting

Projects and plans are more consistently sorted alphabetically now in all the places where lists of them are displayed.

System software upgrades

Upgraded numerous pieces of system software that will result in better performance and reliability in some areas.

Nicer looking Recent Updates page

Nicer looking Recent Updates page when you aren't logged in.

Import empty parameters

You can now import a parameter from Excel or OPML that is empty (has no parameter values). Hexawise doesn't allow empty parameters, so the import will put a single value called "TBD" in the parameter.

February 23, 2011
Messages when removing yourself from a project

The dialog confirming your removal from a project is now more clear about when that removal will result in the deletion of the project and plans (you are the only user of the project) and when the project and plans will still be available for other users of the project.

Warning when removing a parameter used in an auto-script

Hexawise now warns you if you remove a parameter that's being used in the plan's auto-script.

Project listing

Plans were listed alphabetically, but projects were not, making them difficult to locate for users with many of them. They are now alphabetical.

Made it more clear that something is happening when you register as a new Hexawise user.

There is now a spinner while the new user registration takes place.

February 22, 2011
Import from mind maps (with OPML format) (BETA)

In addition to importing from Excel, you can now import from OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language). OPML is an XML format commonly supported for import/export by mind mapping and outlining tools. These tools provide a very fast and visual way to define your test inputs (parameters, values and value expansions), and can be a quick and easy alternative to Excel or Hexawise for defining test inputs and collaborating with colleagues on what the correct inputs should be.

Import from OPML does not provide the complete import (invalid pairs, auto-scripts and notes) like Excel import.

February 14, 2011
Communication when plans are shared

To share a project, (a) hover over a project name (vs. a plan name), (b) click on the blue person icon, and (c) add the email address of the person you'd like to invite to see your project. That process now automatically generates an email to the user you've shared your project with. Until now, the fact that you shared a plan with your colleague might well have gone tragically unnoticed like those longing, furtive glances that you gave to that crush of yours in high school.

Sharing projects with anyone

You can now invite anyone with an email address to view your projects. Previously, you could only share your projects with other registered Hexawise users.

February 11, 2011
Problem creating a very large number of invalid pairs

Once an extremely large number of invalid pairs to the total number of pair had been created, there could be problems saving any additional pairs.

Scroll window did not stay put after inserting a value in an autoscript

This is fixed.

Performance creating a very large number of invalid pairs

Performance of creating new invalid pairs would lag as the number of invalid pairs in the plan grew to be very large. This is no longer a problem.

Problem updating plan properties with IE

There was an issue where you'd get a file download dialog upon updating plan properties (name and project) with IE browsers. This has been fixed.

February 2, 2011
HP Quality Center exports (BETA) without auto-scripts

The contents of the step description field was not correct when there was no auto-script defined. This is resolved.

Feedback when saving auto-scripts

Feedback is now a dialog rather than a flash which was too subtle.

Note tooltips

There was a rare case on specific browsers where note tooltips would show to the left where no space was available rather than to the right.

Formatting of Excel exports

The formatting of the Excel exports was greatly improved so the default column widths are more reasonable.

January 28, 2011
Couldn't create multiple invalid pairs

Fixed this temporary problem.

January 27, 2011
Export to HP Quality Center (BETA)

In addition to Excel and CSV, you can now export to an Excel file that is designed for importing into HP's Quality Center tool. Click the export link and you'll see a checkbox for HP Quality Center in the export dialog.

HP Quality Center exports are best when you are using auto-scripting (bottom panel in the Create Tests tab). Each paragraph (up to a carriage return) is interpreted as a test step in the export.

Feedback on this new BETA feature is welcome!

January 13, 2011
UI glitch on Firefox on Linux in the Define Inputs top panel.

For those keeping track, this was a problem that would only be guaranteed to be tested with 3-way strength testing. So something like: Browser = Firefox, OS = Linux, Action = Create a New Parameter

Login page keyboard support

Made the tab order correct and the enter key work on the login page of hexawise.com so you can login with just the keyboard.

January 6, 2011
New Web browser FAQ entries and compatibility mode info

FAQ entry listing supported browsers and detailing how to turn off IE compatibility mode.

In the IE 7 info dialog box, it now mentions the fact that you may be running in IE 8, but in IE 7 compatibility mode.

January 5, 2011
Error exporting plans with certain Unicode characters in their auto-script

Thank you for reporting the issue Carlos.