Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

May 23, 2011
Faster signup when invited to a project

When someone that is not currently using Hexawise is invited to a project, their invitation serves to validate their email address, so the signup process is shorter.

Problems entering Unicode parameters and values

In certain cases, Hexawise would provide an error when entering mixed ASCII and Unicode parameter names and values. This is now resolved.

Feedback on submit

There is now positive feedback (a spinner) when you copy a plan and update a parameter so you know your action was accepted and is being performed.

May 12, 2011
Feedback when trying to share a project with an invalid email address

The sharing dialog used to fail sharing when the email address was invalid, but without much feedback. Now it tells you that the email address is invalid.

Valid special characters in email are allowed when sharing projects

Certain special characters (notably +) allowed in email addresses were not allowed when specifying an email address to share your project with. They are now.

May 8, 2011
Faster new user registration

Registering for a new user account, the time it takes from when you press the register button until you get the success confirmation, is now much, much faster than it was.

May 7, 2011
Warning before deleting a parameter that will result in removing invalid pairs

If you delete a parameter that has parameter values in invalid pairs, you will be warned that the invalid pairs will be deleted and asked if you still want to proceed.

UI for adding users to a project

The newly added user is now scrolled into view if the list of project users is long enough to require a scrollbar. There is no feedback that the add of a user to the project is in progress.

May 3, 2011
Tooltip explaining 'no possible value'

In the case of conflicting invalid pairs which leave a parameter of a test with 'no possible value', there is now a tooltip explaining why this happens.

No longer show 'any' in the auto-script preview

When 'any' parameter value is possible (no specific value is needed to cover a pair), Hexawise choses a value based on a heuristic (and shows the selected value in purple italics). The auto-script preview showed 'any' rather than the selected value. Now it shows the value.

Extraneous scroll bar in auto-script update confirmation dialog

Removed the extraneous scroll bar in auto-script update confirmation dialog.

Styling and formatting of these recent updates pages

They are now a little easier on the eyes.

Graphic glitch on login page when using the iPad

A classic pair-wise (2-way) bug. it was only a problem in Mobile Safari.

Import Excel 2003 XML files

In addition to the Excel 2004 XML files, you can now also import Excel 2003 XML files.

Highlighting when hovering over invalid pairs

The highlighting of invalid pairs is now much improved when you hover over the pair in the side panel or the value in the define inputs table. All the pairs and invalid paired values are now shown, and the colors are consistent to be more readable.

Incorrect error when importing a file with a duplicate plan name

This was a good example of a 3-way bug, it occurred creating a plan, with an imported file, and with a duplicate plan name. The plan creation failed as it should, but it reported that the problem was an improperly formatted input file, when actually it was the duplicate plan name.

April 26, 2011
Implemented new back-up capabilities and enhanced existing contingency measures

Amazon’s EC2 hosting service is typically fantastic. As Quora recently said, "we wouldn’t be where we are today without it". Having said that, EC2 had some major issues recently that impacted hundreds of firms. We’ve analyzed our back-up plans, researched what firms like Netflix are doing in this area with their “chaos monkey,” figured out some ways to make our back up capabilities more robust, and implemented them. Onward and upward.

April 25, 2011
The option to share a project via a URL now creates copies

In the manage project access dialog, there is an option to share the project via a URL (a web link) that you can provide to other users. In the past, the person who used this URL would be added to the project with read-only "Create and Comment" access. This has been changed so that now the person using the URL will get their own read-write copy of the project and its plans, but will not become a member of the shared project.

Export from the Analyze Tests page

Added a link to export from the Analyze Tests page.

April 14, 2011
The "Create New Test Plan" dialog is friendlier

We don't lose your plan name and project selection if you click the "What kind of files?" help link.

Problem deleting invalid pairs in Internet Explorer

There is a scenario in IE where the delete icon may become obscured by the scroll bar. Clicking anywhere on the invalid pair now brings up the delete confirmation dialog.

We notify you when a plan you are viewing is read-only

There is now a dialog reminding you that the plan you are viewing is read-only and explaining that you have the option to comment on the plan or copy it off to a new plan.

April 7, 2011
UI glitch when selecting to share a project via a URL

The dialog contents would resize to be too big for the dialog. Now the dialog resizes too.

It was not possible to unshare a project via a URL once it was shared in some scenarios

Now, if you unselect the share checkbox it always unshares the project via the link (the link is no longer active).

"Create and Comment" permission is now "Copy and Comment"

Previously, the lowest permission level for sharing a project with a user gave the user the ability to create new plans in the project, make their own copy of plans from the project, and comment on existing plans in the project (which were all read-only for that user).

We've changed the wording and meaning of the lowest permission level to reflect what we think is the more common need. Users with the "Copy and Comment" permission can comment on plans in the project and can make their own copy of plans from the project, but cannot create new plans in the project. You need at least "Full Access" now to be able to create new plans in the project.