Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

March 20, 2012
How-To Progress Checklists

Better highlighting of the option to switch between the Basic and Advanced How-To Progress checklist. Better rules about who is shown the checklists and when. Fixed a typo in the checklist.

Logout of newly registered users

In some cases, the first action of a newly registered user, after validating their email, would result in the user being logged out and having to login again. This is now resolved.

Value pair deletion warning dialog

Now shows a spinner while the deletion is occurring.

February 19, 2012
Added a check that disallows a new married pair that would conflict with an existing married pair

Thanks to Kai for pointing out this omission.

Text area for typing parameter values

The text area for typing in parameter values is now variably sized to take advantage of wider screens with more available horizontal space.

Expand / Collapse state of the top panel on the analysis page was not being preserved

Now it is.

Invalid value pairs left in plan after updating parameters

Thanks to Kai for pointing out this problem.

February 14, 2012
Ctl + Enter saves in Bulk add and edit

This shortcut didn't work in the initial implementation.

Comma escaping in bulk add and edit

If you need to use commas in your values, they can now be escaped with the \ character. Such as:

food: chicken, steak, shrimp\, lobster and scallops

Gives you 3 values for the food parameter:
shrimp, lobster and scallops

Leading spaces in bulk edit are no longer used in the value
Spaces used to make bulk edit more readable

It is now shown as:

Browser: IE, Chrome

rather than:


Spinner shown when Ctl-Enter key shortcut is used in bulk add and edit
Losing parameter changes warning

Losing parameter changes warning is now worded properly for bulk edit changes.

Spurious save your changes warnings when using bulk edit

These spurious warnings are no longer shown.

GUI glitch if you click on the collapsed left panel

Clicking the collapsed left panel now does nothing.

February 12, 2012
Display issue related to the left side panel

When the left hand side bar was in a collapsed state, clicking on parts of the display panel other than the "expand" button could sometimes lead to undesirable display results.

Thank you, Chandan, for bringing the issue to our attention.

February 3, 2012
Spurious scrollbars in the parameter length warning dialog in Internet Explorer

These are now gone.

Bulk Edit

Hot on the heels of our popular new "bulk add" feature comes "bulk edit". If you have a bunch of parameters to edit in your plan, there is now a faster "bulk edit" option. Click the "bulk edit" link and then edit your parameters and values with the name, a colon and then a comma separated list of values with a new line for each parameter:

parameter name1: value 1, value 2, ...
parameter name2: value 1, value 2, ...

Enjoy the faster speed when you have a lot of data to edit!

(We're noodling on what to do about values that have commas for "bulk add" and "bulk edit". If you have any suggestions, let us know.)

February 2, 2012
IE 6 Support with Google Frame

If you insist on using IE 6 (and according to the most recent metrics from the people that track that kind of thing, about 8% of web users do) we now have an answer for you that allows you to use Hexawise. You can install the Google Chrome Frame plugin (doesn't require admin permissions on your computer) in IE 6 and use Hexawise. Enjoy!

Potential for AutoScript pane to hang with spinner in rare cases

Thanks to Cecilia for reporting this issue.

January 12, 2012
Spinner shown when editing a plan

This operation can take a few seconds and there was no feedback before that it was working.

Prior password (not just a login) required to update your current password

More secure approach.

UI glitches in bulk update in IE browser

These didn't prevent proper functioning, but were a bit of an eye sore.

The losing your parameter edits dialog didn't show after the first successful parameter add

Now it shows anytime you could lose your parameter edits.

Hosting software infrastructure updates

You won't notice these, but it's good that we stay up to date none the less.