Hexawise Recent Updates

January 4, 2011


Made the strength description more clear

The “n-way interactions means” dialog now shows an n+1 tuple that is less likely to be covered in explaining what’s not necessarily covered in an n-way strength test.


December 27, 2010


Resizing issue on an already expanded auto-script panel

There was an issue if the auto-script panel was open when the tests were generated, it would then re-size the input text area to the full panel size and push the preview out of the panel.



Unicode encoding issues in notes and invalid pairs

Some Unicode characters caused issues when used in notes and invalid pairs. This has been resolved.



Ctl-u shortcut key in auto-script changed to ctl-y

The Ctl-u shortcut did not work on many Windows machines.



CSV export files have .csv extension rather than .txt

The more specific file extension on the exports will help it get to the right editing application and the application do the right thing with the file.



CSV escaping of parameter names in combinations.csv export file

These were not properly escaped (double quotes in CSV).



Handling of /login when you are already logged in

Going to /login (lots of people have that bookmarked) redirects you into the app now rather than making it seem like you need to login again.



Styling of the export dialog

Made it more pretty.



Optimized top panel of “Define Inputs” for narrow screens

Tweaks to make sure the display is as effective as possible at low resolutions.


December 19, 2010


Fixed a UI glitch when expanding browser height

Expanding browser height now properly provides the extra space to the left panel. Before it allocated the space “below” the panel until you refreshed or navigated to a new page.



Excel export has a table of contents

The Excel export is spread across multiple sheets and this was often overlooked by Hexawise users that are not used to multi-sheet Excel files. The first sheet of the Excel file is now a Table of Contents for all the other sheets with links to them.



Header sizing on narrow browser windows

The header has been optimized for narrow browser windows so that the right side navigation will not push off the screen unless it absolutely has to.



Export to CSV

Not everyone has Microsoft Excel of course. You can now export your plans to a zip file containing a CSV file for each section you have data for (Parameters, Tests, Invalid Pairs, Value Expansions and Notes). Simply select CSV in the export dialog (Excel is still the default).



Import invalid pairs, value expansions and notes from Excel

Previously, you could import an Excel spreadsheet (in the same format as the Hexawise export), but it would not import everything, only the inputs. Now it imports everything except the tests themselves.



Removed potentially confusing characters from plans’ share URLs

0’s and O’s, and I’s and 1’s will no longer be present in the Link to “Create and Comment” access project URL (available from the Manage Project Membership dialog).


December 6, 2010


Problem submitting the password reset form.

With the launch of the new Hexawise website, a problem was introduced in submitting the password reset form. This is now resolved.


November 29, 2010


Clarified dialog wording

Improved the wording of the “too many parameter values” dialog that suggests when you might want fewer parameter values.



Problem analyzing test plans with only 1 parameter

Fixed a problem if you request to analyze coverage on a test plan with just 1 parameter.



Additional FAQ entries

New FAQ entries on blank parameter values and parameter orders.


November 27, 2010


More descriptive wording for auto-script panel

While tests are being generated, the wording is more descriptive of what is happening when the auto-script panel is expanded.



Hint panel on the left side

Removed to maximize the space available for the other left side panels.



Optimized top panel size in “Create Tests” and “Analyze Coverage”

Optimized the content layout to be much smaller, leaving more room on small screens for the other panels.


November 11, 2010


Blank page after login on IE7

Fixed an issue that was causing some IE7 users to see a blank page after logging in until they refreshed.


October 27, 2010


Javascript error with Unicode characters in combination output

Resolved a bug that affected IE 7 when certain parameter value characters were not properly escaped.



Handling an innocuous IE7 JavaScript error

Better handling of an occasional and innocuous IE7 JavaScript error.