Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

September 5, 2012
Parameter value bolding of values in ranges

Parameter values that contribute to a requirement or expected result being met are bolded by Hexawise. When the value was in a defined numeric range, the value bolding was omitted. Now it's not.

Defined fields in HP QC export don't repeat for each test step

Thanks to Justin G. for the suggestion.

Expected Result column tooltips in Create Tests tab

Tooltips tell you where each Expected Result came from.

HP QC export when expected results contain certain reserved XML characters

Works now. Thanks to Justin G. for pointing out the issue.

'Any value' parameter value replacement in HP QC export fields

'Any value' paramater values used in test case title and description in HP QC exports now show their selected value rather than 'Any value'. Thanks to Justin G. for pointing out the issue.

Limits on navigation without a defined plan

Can no longer go to advanced tabs (Expected Results, Requirements and Auto-Scripts) without at least 2 parameters defined to avoid confusion.

Non-fatal IE& JavaScript error on Auto-Scripts page

No longer occurs.

August 20, 2012
Slow response times when creating, updating and deleting expected results with very long values

Expected results with very long values are now truncated in the test previews to prevent very long load/parse times in the browser.

More consistent labeling of mixed-strength calculations and results
Error showing auto-scripts in certain rare cases
404 when accessing another user's plans without privileges.

This used to return a 500.

August 13, 2012
Help Content and Basic and Advanced How-To Progress Checklist Help Content

We are using a new and better system for providing in app help content.

August 2, 2012
Dynamic Sample Test Plans

Sample Test Plans are now up to date for everyone as they change and evolve over time and new samples are added. This means if you want to modify a sample test plan you need to copy it first as they are now read-only.

July 28, 2012
Expected Results parameter value bolding

When there is an expected result, the parameter values that contribute to the expected result are bolded. The value was not bolded for an "is not" expected result. Now it is.

Raw markup shown when no possible value is displayed for the test

This is no longer shown.

Couldn't delete a value pair in some cases.

Couldn't delete a value pair after certain actions (updating a parameter) until you refreshed. This was resolved.

"Hide this message" link not working in mixed-strength header

You should be able to hide the explanatory header for mixed-strength tests but it was not working.

July 26, 2012
Error during computation

Fixed a regression caused by yesterday's value pair fix.

July 25, 2012
Don't show empty expected results column in tests

Having requirements, even if they didn't have any expected results, would cause the expected results column (all empty in this case) to show up in the create tests tab. It no longer does.

Fixed an issue with value pairs and "any values"

Certain cases where an "any value" has no possible value were being assigned a value that violated a value pair rather than "no possible value".

July 23, 2012
Admin CSV Export

Fixed library dependency.

File export in IE 7

File exports (Excel, CSV, zips) in IE 7 only where not completing properly. This is now resolved.

July 18, 2012
Styling in mixed-strength test display

Fixed some graphical glitches in the test panel when mixed-strength tests are selected.

User activation and password reset

More descriptive text to make each step clear. Made field enable/disable states and button labels more clear.

Window scroll bars not always required

Window no longer has scroll bars unless they are needed.