Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

July 11, 2012
Expected results from requirements are now included in the CSV export

Newly included.

Parameter values that fulfill requirements or cause expected results are bolded

In the appropriate UI’s and export files, the parameter values that fulfill requirements or cause expected results are bolded so they can be more easily traced.

Test strength in export dialog now defaults to the strength of the most recently created tests

It’s easy to forget to select the higher strength tests after generating higher strength tests and then exporting. This streamlines that workflow and makes the default more sensible so it less likely to be missed.

Email content for newly invited users

Email content for newly invited users now more accurately describes who invited them.

June 18, 2012
Removed some import failure scenarios around importing blank values.

Improved how the value of "none" is added to blank parameters on import to avoid some import failure scenarios.

April 24, 2012
Incorrect values when commas used as delimiters in numeric range values

This was a pair-wise fault for those keeping track at home.

For users not familiar with using numeric ranges as parameter values, all of these define valid ranges:

1,777 - 2,777,777

Spaces around the dash do no matter. So these are all fine:

1 - 5
1- 5
1 -5

The values for ranges are provided with the pattern: min, max, random, min, max, random, min, ....

For example, a value of "1-5" would use these values in turn in tests where the "1-5" value was used:


Random is defined as between the min and max, inclusive of them.

In the case of floating point ranges, the lesser precision of the min and max is used as the precision of the random.

Example: 1.01 - 5,5555
1.01 (min)
5.5555 (max)
3.14 (random, uses 2 digits of precision, not 4)

For various reasons these DO NOT define valid ranges, and they will just return the string as the value (if you wonder what the reason is for any of them, let us know, and we can let you know):

1,00 - 2,000
1,000 - 2,00
1,000 - a
a - 2,000
1, 000 - 2,000
1,000 - 2, 000
7s7 - 888
777 - 8e8
1,00.01 - 2,000.01
1,000.01 - 2,00.01
1,000.01 - a.01
a.01 - 2,000.01
1, 000.01 - 2,000.01
1,000.01 - 2, 000.01
7s7.01 - 888.01
777.01 - 8e8.01
1.01.01 - 2.01
1.01 - 2.01.01
1.001,001 - 2.01
1.01 - 2.001,001

Negative values are not currently supported in ranges.

Switching the comma and period delimiters in the European style is not currently supported in ranges.

Some additional married pairs improperly disallowed in some cases
April 17, 2012
Some married pairs improperly disallowed in some cases

Thanks to Funmi for pointing out the issue.

Non-fatal JS errors in IE on various login and password reset screens

These were related to invalid focus requests which IE treats as an error.

April 3, 2012
Indication of "any" parameter value in Excel and HP QC Exports

Parameter values in test cases that can be any value were exported as "any" in Excel and HP QC. In the HP QC and Excel exports they are now exported with the value Hexawise chose for them, and also marked with purple italics (same as in the UI) so you can recognize that these values can be replaced if needed or desired.

Paramaters with no values

Parameters added or edited (singly or in bulk or in import) with no defined values are now provided a single value of "none". Before the handling was inconsistent, but consisted mostly of doing nothing until the problem was corrected.

Graphical glitch with latest versions of Chrome and the parameter name dropdown

A work around to a prior Chrome glitch rendering the param name editor / selector was made obsolete by a Chrome fix and was now causing issues when entering long parameter names in the lastest releases of Chrome so the work around was removed.

IE 9 table cells off by one

There is a known issue in IE 9's HTML table rendering that can cause some table cells to be off by one column due to white space being treated significantly (it's not). This could be addressed by using "compatibility mode" but we made some changes in some of the HTML rendering to make this unnecessary.

Thanks to Bryan D. for bringing this to our attention.

Bug in project member dialog

Fixed a JavaScript error in the project members dialog for members that are not project administrators

March 20, 2012
Value pair deletion warning dialog

Now shows a spinner while the deletion is occurring.

How-To Progress Checklists

Better highlighting of the option to switch between the Basic and Advanced How-To Progress checklist. Better rules about who is shown the checklists and when. Fixed a typo in the checklist.

Logout of newly registered users

In some cases, the first action of a newly registered user, after validating their email, would result in the user being logged out and having to login again. This is now resolved.

Export Dialog

Changing selection of Excel would reset the OPML selection. This is fixed.

February 19, 2012
Added a check that disallows a new married pair that would conflict with an existing married pair

Thanks to Kai for pointing out this omission.

Text area for typing parameter values

The text area for typing in parameter values is now variably sized to take advantage of wider screens with more available horizontal space.

Expand / Collapse state of the top panel on the analysis page was not being preserved

Now it is.

Invalid value pairs left in plan after updating parameters

Thanks to Kai for pointing out this problem.

February 14, 2012
Comma escaping in bulk add and edit

If you need to use commas in your values, they can now be escaped with the \ character. Such as:

food: chicken, steak, shrimp\, lobster and scallops

Gives you 3 values for the food parameter:
shrimp, lobster and scallops

GUI glitch if you click on the collapsed left panel

Clicking the collapsed left panel now does nothing.

Leading spaces in bulk edit are no longer used in the value