Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

January 12, 2012
Hosting software infrastructure updates

You won't notice these, but it's good that we stay up to date none the less.

Error shown when trying to create or update a parameter to an already used name w/o a case match

Each parameter name needs a case insensitive unique name. If the cases matched, the UI would kindly tell you about this restriction, but when the cases didn't match it would just silently fail to create or update the parameter.

UI when resetting a forgotten password

It's now friendlier.

January 7, 2012
Issue with inaccurate coverage analysis results in some plans.

It's now resolved.

"State" and "Country" are available as default parameters

"State" and "Country" are available as default parameters (pick them from the parameter name dropdown list) with regional values and value expansions for all 50 states and all countries.

December 30, 2011
Bulk parameter add on IE7

Removed the JavaScript exception.

December 23, 2011
Regression in warning about too many parameters on a parameter update

It's now fixed. Thanks to Irshad for pointing it out.

Happy Holidays everyone!

December 20, 2011
Problem exporting with no generated tests

A problem exporting could happen by using multiple tabs or browsers and leaving the export dialog of a plan open in one while you changed the same plan in the another. It happened to someone rarely, about once a month or so. Hexawise better handles this corner case now.

Bulk Add

If you have a bunch of parameters to add to your plan, there is now a faster "bulk add" option. Click the "bulk add" link and then enter your parameters and values with the name, a colon and then a comma separated list of values with a new line for each parameter:

parameter name1: value 1, value 2, ...
parameter name2: value 1, value 2, ...

Enjoy the faster speed when you have a lot of data to enter!

Behavior when importing a new plan fails

Hexawise now shows a more helpful description in the dialog and doesn't create an empty plan (or project).

December 17, 2011
A paramater value marked invalid could be suggested as the value for an "any value" in some cases

If the values of a pair meet these two specific conditions:

1) one value is an "any value"
2) the other value is value expanded

Then Hexawise might suggest a value for the "any value" (in purple italics) that violates an invalid pair.

If you have a plan that's exhibiting this behavior you'll need to force a recalculation (test generation results are cached) by changing something innocuous in your plan.

Thanks to Neil for pointing this out!

SSL warning introduced with Get Satisfaction single sign-on

Should be fixed everywhere. Google Chrome tends to cache the warning though.

Glitch in Get Satisfaction single sign-on UI in a special case

If you had a Get Satisfaction account already with the same email as your Hexawise account, but were not logged into Get Satisfaction at the time you went to Get Satisfaction from Hexawise with the feedback widget (the lightbulb or the provide feedback link) then you'd see a somewhat gorped UI screen in step 3 of submitting your feedback.

This is a 3-way interaction for those of you playing along at home:

Get Satisfaction Account: Exising, Same as Hexawise Account
Current Get Satisfaction Login: No
Get Satisfaction SSO Action: Feedback

December 7, 2011
Single-sign on integration with Get Satisfaction support forums

You no longer need to register for a Get Satisfaction account to use the Hexawise support forums. Just login to Hexawise and click on the light bulb, the provide feedback link or the support link and your Hexawise ID is all you need.

If you already have a Get Satisfaction ID, you'll continue to use that.

We made it 10x easier, now the burden is on you! Provide some great feedback.

November 12, 2011
Export Mind Map Images As an Alternative to OPML Mind Map Files (beta)

In the past you could export an OPML file which can be opened with many mind mapping tools. Now you can also export a mind map directly as an easy-to-read image file if you don't have access to any mind mapping software that can open OPML files. The generated image will be emailed to the email address of your Hexawise account.

This feature is currently in beta and only available for plans with 24 or fewer parameters. Please send us any feedback or bug reports.

Thank you Wayne for encouraging us to prioritize this tool enhancement. We're sure other Hexawise users will also find it to be a useful way to share test plan information in a clear and concise format.

November 10, 2011
Escaped some additional characters so they show up properly in the auto-script tab of Excel exports

Each tab is handled a bit differently and this tab did not have everything escaped properly.

Added a spinner to the 2nd stage of the plan copy operation

So you know that it is doing something.

A double quote would show up as the HTML sequence for a double quote in the autoscript preview after typing

In this case the pair was: double quote in the existing autoscript text, editing the auto-script text

White text on a white background while hovering over a newly created value pair in IE 7

The triple here was: IE 7, brand new value pair, user hovers.

A regression related to certain unicode characters being present in a couple places in the test plan

This is resolved.

November 3, 2011
Include start/finish steps in the Auto-scripts tab of exported Excel files

These were no longer included when we changed the format of this tab. But now they are back in the export. Thanks to Wayne for pointing this out to us.

Broken link to IEEE article in sample plan

Thanks to Dan for letting us know about it.

Auto-script preview of certain special characters

Some special characters and characters that amounted to HTML tags were not properly echo'd in the auto-scripts preview.

October 31, 2011
Progress checklist display logic

Ensure the most applicable checklist (Basic or Advanced) is displayed during login in the few corner cases where this was not happening already.

Better error reporting to the user during plan copy operations

An issue in the error reporting logic would obscure the true issue.