Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

October 4, 2012
Erroneous value pair deletion warning

Certain unusual cases of parameter names would confuse the validator and cause a spurious warning that value pairs would be deleted if the requested edit of the parameters took place. Allowing the edit would not delete the value pairs, but the warning was incorrect. This has been fixed.

No "any value" markers for parameters with just 1 value

Hexawise uses purple italics in UI's and exports to signify that the value in the generated test can be substituted with any other value. It doesn't make sense to show this on for parameter values that are the only value of that parameter.

Plan names with certain special characters show up garbled in the define inputs panel header bar

They now show up properly.

Replaced floppy disk save icon with a check mark in Requirements tab

1994 called and they wanted their icon back.

Excel import with blank rows in the Requirements and Value Expansions sheets

Extra blank rows in these sheets would cause an import failure.

Wide parameter and value names can obscure the delete icon in the value pair list

Extra wide parameter or value names, usually caused by lots of wide capital letters, would cause the value pair display to be wide enough to push the delete icon out of view in the value pair list. It no longer does this.

September 29, 2012
More 'no possible values' than was warranted

This only affected tests cases with more than one any possible value (marked by purple italics) where those same values were involved in value pair rules. The algorithm that ensured that selected values replacing any values did not violate value pair rules was a one-pass algorithm, so it was not able to adjust other any value replacements, if those values were the cause of there being 'no possible value' that could be used. The algorithm now takes multiple passes, each pass with variability in the order it attempts to replace values, to ensure if there is a set of any value replacements that can work, it will be found.

Thanks to many users for pointing this issue out over the last few months, but special thanks to Cortney for identifying and isolating a clean cut case that led us to a definitive fix.

September 28, 2012
Auto-Script step gaps

There were some rare corner cases that would result in gaps in step number ordering or having a 'Step 0'. These have been resolved.

Auto-Script User interactions

Many additional, subtle improvements to the Auto-Scripts UI around step re-ordering, handling of the scroll position when adding steps, and auto-advancing the next parameter to be inserted.

Clearing prompt text when inserting a parameter into a blank step

Before this action did not clear the prompt text. Now it does.

September 26, 2012
Show requirements as satisfied in the Create Tests screen

You'll now see an indication that a requirement is satisfied by a test case in the Create Tests screen, not just in exports.

Over-applied Expected Results

In some cases of any's, and nones and compound expected results, the expected result would be applied when it shouldn't be. This was not the expected result.

Compute higher-strength tests when you have requirements

The presence of requirements no longer limits you to computing just 2-way tests.

September 25, 2012
Reworked Auto-Scripts UI interaction

Considerable improvements and fixes in how defining auto-scripts works, particularly in the area of fast and efficient defaults and keyboard handling.

Issue with ranged values and expected results and requirements

A classic pair-wise defect only triggered by the interaction of ranged values (a rarely used feature) and expected results or requirements that included that value (an advanced feature).

September 21, 2012
Excel import with blank rows in the Value Pair sheet

Extra blank rows in this sheet would cause an import failure. Thanks to Ed for finding and reporting this issue.

Bolding of parameter values that triggered a requirement to be satisfied

Sometimes additional parameter values were bolded.

September 14, 2012
Expected results of Requirements are now added every time the Requirement is satisfied

They used to be added only the first time the requirement was satisfied.

Importing an "any" value expected result from Excel

This is now working properly.

This was a classic pair-wise failure where "any" value expected results work fine and importing expected results from Excel works fine, but the combination of the two resulted in a defect.

Spurious Expected Result deletion warning

Any modification to a parameter involved in an "any" expected result would give an expected result deletion warning. These warnings were not accurate as nothing short of removing the parameter will invalidate an "any" expected result.

Computation issue when Requirements are Present

If a plan has enough requirements and a small enough number of values on a parameter to get an any value for that parameter in the requirement then the computed test data was failing to parse and causing the completed computation to appear to take forever.

This was a classic pair-wise failure, only triggered by relatively high number of requirements and an unusually low number of values in an early parameter.

September 11, 2012
Import Expected Results

Expected results from the expected results sheet in the Hexawise Excel file are now imported when importing a plan from Excel. Export a plan with expected results to see the format of the expected result sheet.

Import Requirements

Requirements from the requirements sheet in the Hexawise Excel file are now imported when importing a plan from Excel. Export a plan with requirements to Excel to see the format of the expected result sheet.

September 10, 2012
Excel expert with reserved XML characters

Some additional cases of reserved XML characters causing Excel format problems. Thanks to Justin G. for pointing out the issue.

September 5, 2012
HPQC Export test case numbering

Test case numbering starts with a leading 0 to match HP QC's expectations. Thanks to Justin G. for the suggestion.