Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

December 28, 2012
No warning about deleting expected results during bulk edit

Removing parameters (completely or by changing their name) during bulk edit operation now warns you if the operation will result in expected results getting changed or removed.

You can update a parameter name without affecting the expected results by using the single, rather than bulk, update.

Thanks to Harmony for reporting the issue.

More apparent when mixed-strength is incorrectly used

The warning that appears when an insufficient number of parameters are selected for mixed-strength testing is now much more apparent and hard to miss and it indicates which columns have the additional, but insufficiently selected strength.

December 26, 2012
Value expansion drop down list

The drop down list for value expansions is changed back to how it used to behave and only shows the parameter values that exist in the plan. The list was changed to show other parameter values when the improvement was made to allow prior value expansions to be reused.

Expected Results can have no conditions (always triggered)

An expected result with no condition is always triggered for the auto-script step. This simplifies things and allowed us to remove the "any value" value from the expected results condition.

Value pair highlighting

Highlights are now always red or green (invalid and married respectively), even over the hover'd value, unless there are both invalid and married pairs associated with the hovered value in which case it's highlighted in orange.

Canceling married pair creation

If you canceled the married pair creation dialog with the dialog close icon rather than the cancel link the selection remained. It no longer does.

Available help portion of the new user tour

Now mentions some more of the training assets that are available to help you learn how to use Hexawise.

Parameter update warning dialog

The dialog that warns you when you make changes to parameters that will impact your requirements, value pairs, auto-scripts, expected results or HPQC exports had a series of fixes to the cases it properly detects and also some fixed typos in the warning language.

December 13, 2012
Issue with expected result from a requirement not appearing when the requirement contained a range value

This issue is now resolved.

Expected results can have no condition and always be true

This option makes sense now that expected results are relative to a particular step of an auto-script.

Multiple "is not" conditions are allowed on the same parameter in an expected result

This allows for more expressive expected result conditions, such as: "Customer Status" is not "Platinum" and "Customer Status" is not "Gold"

Expected results are moved into auto-scripts

There is no longer an "Expected Results" tab. Expected results are now located in the "Auto-Scripts" tab and are associated with a particular step of an auto-script.

Your existing expected results have all been preserved and moved to what we've calculated to be the appropriate step in the auto-script (the step where they would have shown up when exporting auto-scripts). If your plan didn't have an auto-script before, but did have expected results, then we've created a one-step auto-script for you.

Please let us know if you have any questions about this change. We think it's a good change that makes the expected results feature easier to understand and use.

December 11, 2012
How-To Progress Checklist items for required test cases and expected results

These are in the advanced checklist and have corresponding help content.

Value expansions already in use in the current plan aren't shown in the value expansion drop down

Using them twice in the same plan makes no sense, so they are no longer shown.

December 6, 2012
New user feature tour

The new user's feature tour has been updated and expanded.

Export link at bottom of large amount of tests

An extra export link appears at the bottom of the list of tests when you generate more than 300 tests, this extra link was not working.

November 20, 2012
Styling consistency in Auto-Scripts

Auto-scripts page now more closely follows the style of the rest of Hexawise.

Re-use value expansion between plans

There is now a drop-down of value expansions you've used in all your other plans so you can easily reuse them.

Don't lose your work on login timeout anymore!

In case your Hexawise session times out, we used to take you back to the login page. This is no good if you have a bunch of unsaved edits in progress. Instead now we show you a login dialog and once you log back in you pick right back up editing where you left off.

Different highlights for married and invalid pairs

Married pairs get green and invalid pairs get red hover highlighting.

October 25, 2012
Advanced toggle in navigation menu

Congratulations! Everyone is advanced! That's just how you all roll.

Usability of editing requirements

Save and cancel icons stay put when editing a requirement until you are done (they used to be visible only on hover).

October 19, 2012
Requirements and expected results in Tests tab of Excel export

These are now broken out into separate columns.

Smarter about which parameters are selected as explanatory examples

Parameters with just 1 value are no longer used in the strength interaction explanation dialog since they just confuse the explanation with their 1 value.

Moved Expected Results in the navigation

We decided it's more sensible after create tests.