Hexawise recent updates

Hexawise recent updates

September 29, 2011
Wording on the no pair left warning.

The suggestion on how to introduce an "N/A" value is now more clear.

Married Pairs

There is now a new way to pair parameter values. In addition to marking a pair of values as invalid to ever be paired together, you can mark a pair of values as "married." They can be married in just one direction, where value A always has to be tested together with value B, or in both directions where in addition, value B always has to be tested with value A.

New user tour and progress checklist descriptions

You can now use the left and right arrow keys to scroll through the content of these.

September 16, 2011
Can no longer open the top and bottom panel on the Create Tests page

Very few users have the vertical screen real estate to make this configuration useful, so we now auto-collapse the top or the bottom when you expand the other to save you the clicks.

UTF8/ASCII issue with text in notes


New user tour only once for everyone

In some circumstances, users could be shown the new user tour more than just at their first login.

IE7 Warning

Warning to brand new Hexawise users that are using IE7 now does not conflict with the new user tour.

UI Glitch in Hexawise Progress Checklist Dropdown

The drop down could wrap into 2 lines for some people.

UI glitches on registration page in IE browser


September 6, 2011
Explanatory info for Excel XML spreadsheet export file format

PC users of Excel see a warning dialog when opening Hexawise exports since these have a .xls file extension rather than a .xml extension. We do this to make sure Excel is used to open the file since a lot of technical users (you!) will have the .xml file extension configured to open in some other application. The text just explains that the warning from Excel is innocuous and what to do about it.

Long dormant user registration bug

Pairwise error: new user, no @ in provided email address.

Hexawise emails

Many of them used to start with "Do not reply to this message..." This was silly cargo culting by us. We want you to reply whenever you have anything to say to us!

Wording and help on the Analyze Tests page

Part of ongoing work to make this powerful feature easier to understand. We're not done yet.

Progress checklist at login for disinterested users

The progress checklist is no longer shown to users that are not trying to complete it. How do we detect disinterest? Apathetic mouse clicks of course.

Value Expansions and Any Values

When Hexawise does not need a value from a parameter to provide coverage for a specific pair (or triple, etc.) in a test, the test value specified for that parameter in the test is marked in purple italics and a sample possible value is provided for what could be any value. In the case that the sample value itself was subject to a value expansion, the sample value was not expanded. Now it is.

New user registration flow

The confirmation page is now more clear about the next step to take to confirm your email address. Also you no longer have to login after confirming your email.

September 2, 2011
IE 7 and IE 8 problems in Create Tests

This was a triple mode fault where a higher latency connection, browser of IE 7 or IE 8 and creating tests would intermittently cause a partial page render.

August 26, 2011
You can now export plans without generated tests if you so desire

Thank you to Sreenuraj for this request.

August 23, 2011
Basic How-To Progress Checklist

Added two new items to the Basic How-To Progress Checklist:

  • Create an Invalid Pair
  • Export a Test Plan
Advanced How-To Progress Checklist

There is a new, Advanced, How-To Progress Checklist with explanations of how-to do these six things with Hexawise:

  • Create a Thorough Test Plan
  • Create Value Expansions
  • Create a Risk-based Test Plan
  • Analyze Tests
  • Create Auto-Scripts
  • Import a Test Plan
August 5, 2011
Project sharing dialog

The project sharing dialog is now more user friendly. If you add a users email, but forget to click the add user button before leaving the dialog, it now asks if you want to add the user.

Empty parameter values when using biased value expansions

In some rare cases, generated tests could display an empty parameter value rather than an expanded value when using biased value expansions with a small number of values and a higher test strength. In the unlikely event that you have this case in one of your plans, you may need to force test regeneration by making some innocuous change in your test definition.

Thanks to Tanmay for bringing this issue to our attention.

August 4, 2011
Format of the AutoScript worksheet in Excel exports

Due to popular demand, we are now using a slightly modified version of the HP Quality Center export as the AutoScripts worksheet of the Excel export. Thanks to the users that requested this change. We like it too.

Error exporting some test plans

After some recent changes to handle illegal XML characters, a small number of customer plans would not export. This is now resolved.

Instructions in XML Export on how to preserve file formatting for import

These instructions (permissible file formats) are in the Table of Contents worksheet of the export.